We’re Moving Soon!!

We are excited to announce that The Functional Athlete is moving to a new, bigger state of the art facility across the street & just kiddy corner from our old location.

Our new address will be 51 East Plainfield Road in Countryside, IL 60525

Stay tuned for some amazing updates and our official move date.… Read more...

FA Fun & Fitness Summer Kid Camp

Kid Camp begins Monday June 12th to Friday August 11th!

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer? Well, Look no further! Sign up for The Functional Athlete’s Fun & Fitness Summer Kid Camp where a kid can be a kid. In todays society most young kids do not get the benefits we did at their age. Whether it is, cutbacks for gym class or the crazy world of youth sports these days. This summer The Functional Athlete will change your child’s life forever by allowing them to be a kid again & adopt a healthy active lifestyle. Functional Athlete coaches will supervise all kid camp activities & make sure they are age appropriate.

The FA Fun & Fitness Summer Camp activities will consist of:


– Speed Agility and Quickness Training: Warm-up, Agility Speed Ladders, Cone Drills, Sprints, Coordination, Quickness, Cool down.

– Intro to Strength & Conditioning; teaching basic exercise movements to build the athlete’s Foundation and to prepare their bodies for more advanced stages of strength training in the future & to start them out on the right path to living a healthy lifestyle that will carry them thru their adult lives.

– Obstacle Courses; a FUN mixture of Ninja warrior style activities, relay races, Spartan Race & Military style Obstacles performed in a circuit format.Read more...

How Functional is the Bench Press

Written by: Steve Mologousis NASM CPT, PES, CES, IHP FTS, IHP MMA SCC

Anyone who has been around a gym for any period of time, has most likely heard this a million times. How much do you Bench? Or What is your Max on Bench? All legitamate questions. But do those age old questions really matter when it comes to being a successful athlete. Other than a Powerlifter who’s main goal in their sport to be successful is to lift the heaviest load they can. So, why does everyone ask these questions, 1- Yes it is great for the ego, 2- not so bad for developing your pecs,3- and last but not least the chicks dig it.

The question we should be asking is “Will the bench press make you a better athlete?
In order to answer the above question we must first examine just how functional is the bench press?

First, I’d like to start by saying that I personally feel the bench press is a great exercise to have in your toolbox of training. I believe it is a great movement for developing maximal strength in certain functional positions. The problem is, a majority of coaches put too much emphasis on how much their athletes can bench.… Read more...