Summer Camp Success!

Summer Camp Success!

Another summer is coming to a close, but it’s these kinds of reviews that keep us doing what we ❤️


My son (13) is a hockey/soccer player and has been training at Functional Athlete for the past few seasons with his hockey team. This summer we were looking for a place where our daughters (15 & 17) could work out as well. One is a poms/hockey player and one is a poms/dancer.  Each of them has different fitness abilities, needs, and goals, so individualization was the key.  We met with Kendyl and Steve, who, based on their fitness level, put programs together for each of them.  They work out together while following their own plans. They can track and measure their progress, all while being guided by a trainer (Aaron, who they LOVE).

My kids have been going 3x per week all summer and they have come to love it!  They are noticing an improvement in all areas and they will work out at 7a (!) in order to be sure that they get their workouts in for the week.  My oldest daughter who had the least experience with strength and conditioning was leery at first and now is committed to figuring out how to incorporate her workouts during the school year.Read more...

FA’s Summer Camp

FA’s Summer Camp

It can be hard keeping your kids active in the summer.  Getting them motivated to stay active and healthy can definitely feel like a chore in this tech-heavy age.  A few months ago we received a wonderful letter from a mom whose son attended our summer camp last year:

Coach Steve, Kendyl and Mike,

Approximately two years ago I received information about the Functional Athlete’s Summer Camp.  I thought about having my son attend over the summer since I did not want him home in front of the television or playing video games all day.  After a phone call to Kendyl and some rearranging of the schedule, I signed my son up for one day a week camp.  It was the best decision I made.  He loved the camp and all the activities they provided-kickball, water balloons, baseball, etc.  He would be up ready to go and, in the car, before I was ready to leave. Last summer, my son attends FA’s camp two days a week, he would have liked all three, but our schedule did not permit.  He met new people, learned teamwork with the games and was active.  Most importantly, he had fun.   FA provides an atmosphere that allows for all to grow physically and develop a healthy competitive side with an emphasis on teamwork.Read more...

Training Method

Training Method

Functional Athlete Training Method

It takes more than luck and a few practices to turn someone into a champion athlete. You’ll have to prepare your mind body and will to compete, and this can take a lot of Hard Work, Dedication and Sacrifice, not to mention Blood, Sweat and Tears.

The Coaches at FA have all the skills and experience you’ll need to get to that point, and has produced a number of champions in the past, proving that their techniques work.

Regardless of age, size, gender, condition, or Goals, a persons Health, Athletic Performance and Quality of life are enhanced by being Stronger, Faster and More Powerful. Join our family and Change Your Life!

We’ll incorporate what competitions are being attended, as well as what your personal outcome is for each. We’ll also talk about what kind of personal goals you want to meet, whether it’s to become more flexible, stronger, or an overall better athlete.


We at FA feel very strongly that the first step in designing a Strength Training program is to set goals for each individual. Whether you’re an Athlete looking to peak for competition or a FAnatic looking to get ready for a vacation, wedding, or a mud run, we feel there must be something to work towards.… Read more...

Christmas Eve Workout Bash

FA’s 7th Annual Christmas Workout Bash is coming up fast. Please RSVP today!

It’s that time of year again! The Functional Athlete will be hosting our 7th Annual Christmas Workout Bash on Christmas Eve morning, Saturday December 24th from 8:30am-10:00am.

Please join us on Christmas Eve morning…come in early & get your butts kicked with our workout, eat some good food, then go home & enjoy the holiday with your family & friends. We encourage all existing members, friends, & family, to join the fun, food & did we mention exercise. Please RSVP to the below email addresses with how many you will be bringing. There is no charge to attend & EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!

Wishing you a FIT & HEALTHY Christmas & New Year from all your Coaches at the Functional Athlete; Coach Steve, Coach Pete, Coach Mike, Coach Kendyl, Coach Adar & Coach Andrea.
Need Christmas gift ideas… see an FA coach for gift certificate options.

Contact us today for more information on training.
Steve Mologousis


Kendyl Coglianese

 …

FA’s Christmas Break Kids Camp


Looking for something fun to do with your kids this Christmas break? Well, Look no further! Sign up for The Functional Athlete’s Christmas Break Kid Camp where a kid can be a kid. This is a spin off of this years Summer Camp!

In todays society most young kids do not get the benefits we did at their age. Whether it is, cutbacks for gym class or the crazy world of youth sports these days. This winter The Functional Athlete will change your child’s life forever by allowing them to be a kid again & adopt a healthy active lifestyle. Functional Athlete coaches will supervise all kid camp activities & make sure they are age appropriate.

Christmas Break Kids Camp will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 12pm with a 20 min break for a snack. Please be sure to provide your child with a snack or money for a healthy snack in our vending machine. Also provide them with a bottle of water or two or $1 for a water bottle in the vending machine.
FA’s Christmas Break Kid Camp activities will consist of:

– Speed Agility and Quickness Training: Warm-up, Agility Speed Ladders, Cone Drills, Sprints, Coordination, Quickness, Cool down.… Read more...

Olympic Lifting Class

The Functional Athlete’s Olympic Lifting Camp will focus on the two major Olympic Lifts. The Clean and Jerk & the Snatch. This level 1 class will focus on the basics of Olympic Lifting for ages 14 and up.  Olympic Lifting will build more explosive strength, range of motion, & core strength and control for athletes and fitness Fanatics alike. Any sport can benefit from this style of training with greater strength, speed & hip and core explosiveness. We will also work on some of the major strength lifts in olympic lifting including kettlebells and metabolic conditioning. The focus of this class is to make you a better more well rounded athlete and fitness FAnatic.

Recommended for the Camp:

1. A roll of 1.5 inch cloth athletic tape (can be bought at the dollar store)
2. Olympic Lifting Shoes if possible – or a flat shoe such as chuck taylors or flat cross training gym shoes- NO RUNNING SHOES.
3. Athletic Pants are advised, if not high socks that cover the shin. Shorts are not recommended for this class unless worn with high socks. 

This class will be taught by Jerry Owen, PHD CSCS, who has 21 years of experience as a strength & conditioning coach & is a certified USA Weightlifting level 2 coach. Read more...

Strength & Conditioning Class


The Functional Athlete’s Strength and Conditioning Classes were developed for athletes who are dedicated to their chosen sport. During the earliest days of the Functional Athlete, Coach Steve realized that in order to help athletes and fitness FAnatics reach their goals, we, at the Functional Athlete needed to be able to offer a program where the athletes could find a place they could train for the long haul. Strength training is a marathon and results do not happen overnight, contrary to what the fitness industry and some strength coaches will tell you. That was when he realized that in order for the athlete’s to reach their full potential they had to find a place to train year around and be able to call their second home. He also realized how expensive and in some cases unaffordable private training can be, so he offered The Pillar of The Functional Athlete’s Famous Strength and Conditioning class that has been developing Athletes of all levels for nearly a decade.

In The Functional Athlete’s Strength & Conditioning Classes we have developed our own hybrid-training program for each athlete based on our periodization model of proven phases & blocks of training. Our training program has an emphasis on functional movement using all 5 human movements: level change, pushing, pulling, rotation, and propulsion while performing multi-joint exercises that mimic the body’s natural physical movements during athletic competition using all three muscle actions; sagittal, frontal & transverse.… Read more...

FA’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge



Make your efforts count and lose maximum weight this summer. This 12 week one hour private training class is designed to decrease body fat and improve BMI.


(Winner determined by maximum percentage of weight lost.)

Weekly weigh-ins

1X per month body fat calculations

1X per month body measurements

Nutrition Tips from your coaches

Dates: TBD

Times: TBD 3 X PER WEEK (additional times may be added due to demand)

Cost: $225/Month (3 month commitment)

Add your name to FA’s list of success stories…

Mike Spencer…Lost 38 lbs in 12 weeks taking home the grand prize!

Eddie Shima….Lost 50 lbs in 15 weeks!

Ross Avery…lost 28 lbs in 13 weeks!

Jenn Hennessey…Lost 4″ off her waist, 3″ off her hips & 2″ off her chest!

And the list goes on…

Come join FA’s experienced & knowledgeable Coaching staff to help you achieve your goals.

This is not a bootcamp. These are specialized Private Personal Training sessions in a Team setting.

Contact us today! Prepare to change your life!

Kendyl Coglianese



Steve Mologousis


Functional Athlete

51 E. Plainfield Rd., Countryside, IL 60525…

Speed & Power Camp

Do you feel the need for Speed? Do you want to be first to the ball? How about being able to react faster than your opponents? Do you want to jump higher & farther than your opponents?

Do you want to JUMP HIGHER than your competition….Be able to JUMP, LAND, AND JUMP again with minimal contact time, leaving other players wondering what happened. Be able to react to, and capitalize on, your opponent’s weaknesses

FA is offering a 6 week Speed & Power Camp for athlete’s of all ages and levels.

Dates: New Session Starting Tuesday November 15th

and continuing every 6 Weeks thereafter.

Days: Tuesdays at 6:00pm – 7:00pm


The SPEED & POWER Camp will consist of:

Dynamic and Active Warm­-ups

Speed, Agility & Quickness Drills

Strength Training

Plyometrics and Power Movements

Sprint Development Techniques

Reactive Training

Mental Preparation

Flexibility and injury prevention

Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) are 3 crucial components to becoming a successful athlete. Along with Strength and Power they determine athletic potential. SPEED CAMP will help you unlock your hidden potential and increase your SAQ!

Learn proper jumping mechanics, allowing you to unlock your true potential

Learn how to JUMP and LAND efficiently and effectively, allowing you to get to DO THESE MOVEMENTS SUCCESSFULLY THROUGHOUT THE GAME
Leave with a secret weapon in your arsenal to make that game changing move
Don’t get stuck with your feet in the mud, there are limited spaces left in this Springs JUMP CAMP!… Read more...