Strength and Conditioning 8:00 AM

The Functional Athlete’s Strength and Conditioning Classes were developed for athletes who are dedicated to their chosen sport. During the earliest days of the Functional Athlete, Coach Steve realized that in order to help athletes and fitness FAnatics reach their goals, we, at the Functional Athlete needed to be able to offer a program where the athletes could find a place they could train for the long haul. Strength training is a marathon and results do not happen overnight, contrary to what the fitness industry and some strength coaches will tell you. That was when he realized that in order for the athlete’s to reach their full potential they had to find a place to train year around and be able to call their second home. He also realized how expensive and in some cases unaffordable private training can be, so he offered The Pillar of The Functional Athlete’s Famous Strength and Conditioning class that has been developing Athletes of all levels for nearly a decade.


In The Functional Athlete’s Strength & Conditioning Classes we have developed our own hybrid-training program for each athlete based on our periodization model of proven phases & blocks of training. Our training program has an emphasis on functional movement using all 5 human movements: level change, pushing, pulling, rotation, and propulsion while performing multi-joint exercises that mimic the body’s natural physical movements during athletic competition using all three muscle actions; sagittal, frontal & transverse. Based off of their commitment level, each athlete will get their own annual plan, assessments, and workout programs based on the demands of their sport and training goals. The classes are group based and can hold from 2 to 12+ athletes with multiple certified coaches there to answer questions, demonstrate exercises and coach the athletes to their full athletic capability. These classes will significantly improve the physical attributes of what your athletes need to be successful, but also develop strength, power and speed in their sport.



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October 14 @ 08:00
8:00 am — 9:00 am (1h)

Steve Mologousis