Kid Camp begins Monday June 12th to Friday August 11th!

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer? Well, Look no further! Sign up for The Functional Athlete’s Fun & Fitness Summer Kid Camp where a kid can be a kid. In todays society most young kids do not get the benefits we did at their age. Whether it is, cutbacks for gym class or the crazy world of youth sports these days. This summer The Functional Athlete will change your child’s life forever by allowing them to be a kid again & adopt a healthy active lifestyle. Functional Athlete coaches will supervise all kid camp activities & make sure they are age appropriate.

The FA Fun & Fitness Summer Camp activities will consist of:


– Speed Agility and Quickness Training: Warm-up, Agility Speed Ladders, Cone Drills, Sprints, Coordination, Quickness, Cool down.

– Intro to Strength & Conditioning; teaching basic exercise movements to build the athlete’s Foundation and to prepare their bodies for more advanced stages of strength training in the future & to start them out on the right path to living a healthy lifestyle that will carry them thru their adult lives.

– Obstacle Courses; a FUN mixture of Ninja warrior style activities, relay races, Spartan Race & Military style Obstacles performed in a circuit format. what we at FA call Conditioning while having fun. (All exercises are within age appropriate boundaries & guidance)

– Non-Contact Boxing; Train like a boxer without getting hit, learning how to box for fun, conditioning, jump rope, etc (again all within the age appropriate realm)

– Sports: Whiffle Ball, Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, bandy hockey, etc.

– Old School Games: Kick the Can, Cops & Robbers, Sharks & Minnows, Dodge Ball etc.

Breaks will be provided after sessions 1 and 2. Please supply the kids with healthy meals and snacks and plenty of water. Also The Functional Athlete has vending machines with healthy snacks and beverages for the kids to purchase if that is easier.


FA Fun & Fitness Summer Camp Options & Pricing:

9 week session – Full Camp Session – 3x week M-W-F
Price $990

4 week session option – Half Camp Session – 3x week M-W-F
Price $550

1 week session option – 3x week M-W-F
Price $160
9 week session option – 2x week
Price $650

4 week session option – 2x week
Price $350

1 week session option – 2x week
Price $120

(For twice a week option choose M&W, W&F, or M&F)

1 day drop in option – Price $65

Camp begins on Mon June 12th for 9 weeks until Fri August 11th!

Discounts for early sign up before June 1st
Class Times: 9am-12pm with a 20 min break
Ages 6-13 years old

Please sign up early, as spots will fill up quickly. FA knows everyone has summer commitments so our packages are set up with the flexibility to mix & match sessions. For example choose a 1-week session and a 4-week session to make a 5-week session that will work with your schedule.

Contact us today to enroll!

Or you can choose to sign up through our website

Fill out the Medical Waiver & PAR-Q and electronically sign our waiver. Then choose the “FA Fun & Fitness Summer Camp” membership based off of how many weeks you are attending. Register yourself in our system, Front Desk. You can add payment info at this time as well. Create a password. And reserve a class.

If you are already registered in our system you can log in to update your existing account here:

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