It can be hard keeping your kids active in the summer.  Getting them motivated to stay active and healthy can definitely feel like a chore in this tech-heavy age.  A few months ago we received a wonderful letter from a mom whose son attended our summer camp last year:

Coach Steve, Kendyl and Mike,

Approximately two years ago I received information about the Functional Athlete’s Summer Camp.  I thought about having my son attend over the summer since I did not want him home in front of the television or playing video games all day.  After a phone call to Kendyl and some rearranging of the schedule, I signed my son up for one day a week camp.  It was the best decision I made.  He loved the camp and all the activities they provided-kickball, water balloons, baseball, etc.  He would be up ready to go and, in the car, before I was ready to leave. Last summer, my son attends FA’s camp two days a week, he would have liked all three, but our schedule did not permit.  He met new people, learned teamwork with the games and was active.  Most importantly, he had fun.   FA provides an atmosphere that allows for all to grow physically and develop a healthy competitive side with an emphasis on teamwork.

The Intro to Strength and Conditioning class is a wonderful beginning class for the young athlete.  As a parent, I look for programs that focus on form and proper technique during instruction to avoid injury.  This class provides young athletes exactly that.  They are taught proper movements and are monitored by the coaches to ensure they continue to perform all the exercises with the correct technique.  The coaches advance each athlete’s program individually with their specific sport as the basis.  This class is a building block to establish good habits early and hopefully a life long skill of a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for teaching both my children the proper form/technique to develop strength and endurance. They love coming to your facility.  They feel comfortable in the surrounding you provide and enjoy their workouts.

Kathy Burcal

This type of feedback couldn’t make us more proud.

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