Another summer is coming to a close, but it’s these kinds of reviews that keep us doing what we ❤️


My son (13) is a hockey/soccer player and has been training at Functional Athlete for the past few seasons with his hockey team. This summer we were looking for a place where our daughters (15 & 17) could work out as well. One is a poms/hockey player and one is a poms/dancer.  Each of them has different fitness abilities, needs, and goals, so individualization was the key.  We met with Kendyl and Steve, who, based on their fitness level, put programs together for each of them.  They work out together while following their own plans. They can track and measure their progress, all while being guided by a trainer (Aaron, who they LOVE).

My kids have been going 3x per week all summer and they have come to love it!  They are noticing an improvement in all areas and they will work out at 7a (!) in order to be sure that they get their workouts in for the week.  My oldest daughter who had the least experience with strength and conditioning was leery at first and now is committed to figuring out how to incorporate her workouts during the school year.

The team at Functional Athlete has been great to work with!  They have the knowledge and experience to train young athletes from a variety of backgrounds.  They make it fun for them which keeps them coming back! They also are great about working with your schedule to make sure you can get your workouts in! As a parent, I am grateful that the team at Functional Athlete was able to provide such a positive experience for my children, encouraging them to make fitness an integral part of their life! 
– Katie Schille


We are so grateful we had the opportunity to train these kids so they can become the best they can be!